Order Beef

Currently we are doing South Dakota not for sale custom kill. To order beef processed & custom kill, call Kim at 605-845-8700.

Please fill out the cut sheet and email completed form to: ulmer8700@gmail.com.

Download Cut Sheet (PDF)

Processing Costs

  • 14-21 Day Hang: $0.90/lb
  • 22-31 Day Hang: additional $0.10/lb
  • 32-41 Day Hang: additional $0.20/lb

Example Beef Cut Sheet

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Example Beef Cut Sheet

Beef Ordering Guidelines

Example: a 1400 lb beef converts to 600 lbs boxable beef . 25 % is 150 lbs of boxed beef per quarter each family will receive 25% of a whole beef that is divided fairly into 4 quarters. Half beef orders will receive 50 % of a fairly divided whole beef. Detailed weighed cuts per box will be provided for all orders.

Example cut request a 1/4 Beef would be:

  • 7 T-bone steaks 1”
  • 6 Ribeye steaks 1”
  • 3 sirloin steaks 1”
  • 3 round steaks 1”
  • 6 sirloin tip steaks 1”
  • 4 chuck roasts
  • 2 arm roasts
  • 2 arm roasts
  • 2 pkgs. of short ribs
  • 2 pkgs. soup bone & variety meats
  • About 85 lbs. burger approx. that will be put in 1 or 2 lb packages.

Their will be some small percentage changes depending on the size of the beef and its yield percentage and steak size cut.

A beef sold to 2 or 4 families must live in the same area and agree on 1 type of beef as a unit. Delivery will be all on the same day to all parties. Carry out must be done in timely manner by all parties if picked up at Ft. Pierre.