Meet Our Producers

Greenfield Family

Jon Greenfield

I am a fifth generation farmer and my farm has been in my family since 1907. I invested in U.S. Beef Producers as a way to add value to my cattle operation. Most people don't realize that the packers can import beef from Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, anywhere. As long as they repackage it, they can call it "product of the USA". Making people believe it is US beef. It is not! Knowing that at U.S. Beef Producers we will be able to certify that we will be selling beef that is born, raised, and harvested in the the USA is important to me.

Brink Family

K-Brinkview Farms

Grounded in four generations of faith and family farming, K-Brinkview farms knows that agriculture can be the fuel that restores our local economies and community vitality. As Americans demand more and better access to local and sustainable beef products, K-Brinkview Farms is invested in providing a direct connection from our farm to the consumer. We understand that knowing where your beef is coming from is vital to the future of our business and beef production today.

The Kruisselbrink four generation farm, located north of Woodstock, Minnesota, was established in 1944 by Henry Kruisselbrink, raising dairy cattle, corn, soybeans, oats and alfalfa. Today, Brad Kruisselbrink and his son Austin Kruisselbrink are partners in the 76-year family operation. Together they raise nearly 2,000 head of beef cattle, and farms 2,000 acres of corn, soybeans, alfalfa and small grains. The family has also developed successful custom chopping and spraying enterprises.

Brad and Kim Kruisselbrink live on the family farm, where together they take care of the day to day management. Brad and Kim are very active in their local church Woodstock American Reformed Church. In their spare time, they love to spend time with their grandkids. Austin and his wife Allison have 3 children Hailey, Harper & Wyatt. Austin has worked for the family farm since he was 14 years old. He attended Ridgewater Technical College for Farm Operation Management. Allison is a Full-time Occupational Therapist for Southwest West Central Cooperative, specializing in pediatrics. Austin and Allison are also active members of the Woodstock American Reformed Church and love to help their local EMS as volunteer fire fighter and first responder. Austin is a member of the Pipestone Cattlemen’s Association.

Together Brad and Austin have 40+ years raising cattle. In 2019, our farm announced our investment with U.S. Beef Producers. We are proud to provide consumers with quality beef that is home grown, affordable and sustainable. We look forward to the future of U.S. Beef Producers and the opportunity to bring our beef to you.

Darrel and Francie

Darrel and Francie Smith

Our family has always defied the odds. Darrel's father made a living training “outlaw” horses that no one else could manage. Darrel grew up learning from his own father ranching in South Dakota before taking responsibility of the family ranch in 1981 with his beautiful wife, Francie.

Our vision is to constantly improve. We learned about rotational grazing to provide fresh feed for our herd while helping heal the land. We have invested decades into this and have been thrilled with the dramatic results to the ecosystem on our ranch. We have seen the land turn from cactus and dead white alkaline patches, into beautiful rolling praireland with waist-high grasses.

In addition, we have spent decades searching the world over for the best ways to provide beef that is exceptionally healthy for you. We found natural genetics that are healthier, more tender, and even tastier for YOU. Then we took this to the next level by supporting it with an all-natural ranching system that is free of drugs, antibiotics, and growth hormones so you can feel great about how our healthy, all-natural beef fuels your body's needs.

Darrel was a college instructor before it was his turn to take over the family ranch. And now mentors summer interns as he introduces them to hard work on the ranch. It is his desire to build the skills and heart necessary to keep this lifestyle going in our next generation.

Francie grew up watching her parents revitalize ranches, farms, and businesses in the Northwest while humming the tune, “I want to be a cowboy’s sweetheart.” She has spent her life learning about nutrition and loves gardening. She enjoys hosting friends (and new friends) and even grinds her own flour to make fresh homemade bread on the ranch.'